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Ad Air Promotions Office:
91 Spring Pastures Drive, Mapleton, Queensland 4560, Australia.

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Ad Air Promotions, Helium Blimps
Inflatable Advertising, Australia. Telephone: (07) 5478 6652.
Helium Blimps
Helium Blimps

Helium Blimps

Helium Blimps

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Welcome to the world of Helium Blimps!

AD AIR PROMOTIONS specializes in Inflatable promotions, from
Helium Blimps
, In-store promotions, Start and Finish Arches, Rooftop Balloons, Giant Inflatables, Event and Corporate Inflatable Advertizing.

Helium Blimps : Jumbo Inflatables : Giant Balloons : Inflatable Advertising
Sky Dancers : Air Dancers : Rooftop Inflatables : Inflatable Arches : Sports tunnels
Bouncy Castles : PVC products and much more!

We deliver spectacular, custom made,Helium Blimps and quality inflatables.
AD AIR PROMOTIONS assists customers to reach branding goals through understanding the client's needs
and to give advice in order to achieve their inflatable solution.

Browse our website and be enlightend about the variations and possibilities of Helium Blimps and our range of inflatable solutions. Our team will co-ordinate all of your inflatable requirements so why not call and let us play a crucial part in your next event.

AD AIR PROMOTIONS is not only active in Australia but also the entire Australian Pacific region.
For a discussion on how inflatable advertising can help your business grow,
contact us today! We promise you will be amazed as to what is possible!


Helium Blimps
A very cost-effective means of reaching thousands of potential customers.
Whether used indoors, outdoors, at events or trade shows,Helium Blimps demand attention.
Their bright colors and recognizable shape will give your brand and message true impact.

Just add helium, attach the tether lines then let the Helium Blimps do all the work, bringing more business to your location. Ad Air Promotions is THE partner to talk to for ALL your “Inflatable Media” we are here to advise and assist with product and material choice.